Tecno Fluss has been manufacturing for more than 30 years dosing machines and complete packaging lines, satisfying every customer's request.

A dosing of quality


Our corporate philosophy

Seven Fluss S.r.l. is an Italian company specialised in the manufacturing of semi-automatic dosing machines and complete filling and capping lines for liquid, semiliquid, dense and doughy products  belonging to the sectors of food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

All Tecno Fluss machineries are produced in Italy

Reasons of our company’s success are the know-how, the innovation, the consolidated experience in packaging sector and the high quality of the supplied products: all components that represent a a guarantee of long lifetime.


Our History


In 1962 Mario Marengo, who is considered the father of the modern dosing machine, after having worked on several company projects for packaging sector, designs a line of particularly innovative dosers with very high quality.


Mario's son Stefano designs and manufactures together with his father packaging machines in the little workshop in Sesto Calende


Birth of the patent of the modern volumetric dosing machine model VM.


Stefano establishes together with his wife Laura the Tecnofluss, a company where, starting from a project idea, it is possibile to make many solutions for industrial dosing. It is the same concept as in tailoring: "taylor-made" solutions following the specific requirements and particular production features of each customer.


Company is moved from Sesto Calende to Varallo Pombia into a new warehouse with a production surface of 3500 mq.


Birth of the second patent of Tecnofluss. Tecnofluss Technical Management and his leader Stefano Marengo's devotion to research brings to the realization of an innovative patent, where in a rotary monoblock you can process different formats of products, bottles and caps without changing the conveyor star: this enables customers to spare much time in format change with a big benefit for the production.


Under the lead of Stefano Marengo, the company develops his business on the international market.


Birth of Seven Fluss Group with production headquarters and offices abroad. Seven Fluss becomes the group leader and commercial soul of Tecno Fluss.


Seven Fluss buys machines with CNC control, moving the internal production in order to better manage the orders and the quality of the products.


A golden goal. The company celebrates the machine-code no. 2000 with the tested series of volumetric dosing machines model VM. For the occasion the machine code 2000 is made with anoziding color gold.


Permanent innovation. Over the years, the reliability of the produced machines, the constant research and development of innovative solutions and the acquired experience, brought to an exponential growth of the quantity of companies relying to us for their growing and their business development on the markets. Moreover the deep experience acquired in packaging sector by our personnel, as well as the careful research and manufacturing of new products and solutions, makes Seven Fluss an efficient and reliable partner whose core business is the production of semi-automatic dosing machines and complete line for filling and capping of high quality, for liquid, semi-dense, dense and doughy products.