Sauces and Meat Sauces

The Sauce or Ragù is a condiment based on tomato and minced meat or fish.   Seven Fluss – Tecno Fluss […]

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The Sauce or Ragù is a condiment based on tomato and minced meat or fish.


Seven Fluss – Tecno Fluss dosing systems – is specialized in dosing solutions for Sauces and Ragù for the Food sector.

The product feeding hopper is heated to keep the product warm during the filling phases, an agitator keeps the product homogeneous and the TBP head of the dosing machine allows the passage of even large pieces of meat, about 25 mm. Finally, the shut-off nozzle allows a precise dosage without dripping.

From the simple semi-automatic machine to the complete line, Seven Fluss ensures a precise and accurate dosage.

High quality materials easily removable and washable for cleaning operations.


Manual Cycle



By-pass rotating valve. Suitable for dosing dense and doughy products.
REMARKS: Hopper for product loading with possibility of stirring by scraping blades and augerfiller.
Application with anti-drop shut-off nozzle. It can be installed onto automatic lines.




Blowing, filling and capping line



Blowing and filling line for glass jars

Blowing machine with twist overturn and filling and capping unit model MRT-12 for twist-off cap



Tray lines

Application on automatic lines, dosing machine with 2 or 3 nozzles with castle-latch for product spreading and dosing into trays. Output 2000 pieces/h.



Filling line on unit MR-4

Quick and precise dosing of sauces with output up to 100 pieces per minute



Filling line for Pesto sauce

Heated hopper with horizontal blades stirrer



Dosing application on customer’s line

Castle-latch nozzle for filling with product



Filling and capping line Mod. MR-4 + MTS-1

4-nozzles Dosing suitable for glass containers and capping with twist-off cap.



Monoblock for filling and sealing Mod. TF-15

Suitable for conical and unstackable containers with precut lid



Dosing machine Mod. VM-60 TBP

Installation on packaging machines for trays